The brand


We like to keep things simple.

This is Fire And Pride in key words:


- environmental sustainability

- tasteful clothing with an eye for quality

- customer orientated with the best service in the niche




The inspiration


Our collections are inspired not only on quotes that have that special feeling to them, but it's also inspired by the power, and beauty of nature.

The logo for example is a lion which is a pride animal filled with the desire, and fire to grow stronger.


Besides our main inspiration we brainstorm and work toghether with many low-key clothing designers. In that way it is not only inspiring but also beautiful to see people working toghether on big ideas and accomplishing a beautiful collection with it.



The product


Our clothing is made from organic cotton that uses 65% less water. For example, we reduce water gasification in the textile industry.
Our products are made in Bangladesch.

We chose Bangladesch because it invests in textile factories that pollute less and print without the use of toxic paint.

Al our printed items are printed with DTG quality, so it won't wash of or crack after a while.